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NEW XAVIDEO [Joomla 3x]
Created: Saturday, 16.November.2013. 14:01
XAVideo allows  simple and easy video content inserting (youtube, vimeo) on the web site. All settings for youtube (AS3) and vimeo player are supported. For Youtube is enabled creation of unlimited number of playlists, also allowing loading of other playlists and segregating invidiual content on one particular playlist.

All basic information are showed for each video, with   potentional restrictions (requesterRegion,limitedSyndication,private etc.), especially for Youtube, where the restrictions are well documented and explained.Some of the restrictions are quite specific and are not meant for all users, for example “requesterRegion” or devices “limitedSyndication”, so it is set for users to individually decide whether to use video with mentioned restrictions or not.

With creating playlist, there is a possibility for misunderstanding, so I will explain all in detail.

First example.

Url format*&list=PL_ID is supported, which means that in first place video will be showed [VIDEO_ID] and after that entire playlist will be loaded [PL ID]In “Setting” tab under “List”  [PL_ID] will be inscribed, which means that entire playlist is going to be shown. If you want to show only one video then it is necessary to erase the [PL_ID]. Video that is loaded in Youtube player is the video that will be used. If you want another video, then click the “Play” button and Youtube player will show the chosen video. With mentioned url format:*&list=PL_ID, is possible to use the  “Loop” option, that enables the playlist to go infinitely, tj. when the last video is played, the first one will start all over.From mentioned playlist it is possible to create personal playlist by clicking “Add to playlist”, number of which is not limited.

Second example.

With every video that is viewed there is “Add to playlist” button, unless there is a restriction of some kind. When “Add to playlist” button is clicked, in the tab of playlist, list of all video in the playlist will apear. It is possible to move up and down, to erase, and to erase the entire playlist. In the settings tab, under the "playlist" [VIDEO_ID] will appear from each video in the list. Number of videos in the list is not limited. Personally created playlist has priority.




DEMO | click on XAVideo button below editor

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